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One-On-One Tutoring:
The One-on-One tutoring program is an effective way for students to develop and strengthen their study skills and confidence. At MyGeek Centre, our one-on-one tutoring session allows for the highest personal attention and customizable lesson plans. With each session tailored to the students need's, they are able to maximize their learning potential. Specifically, by strengthening their weaknesses while solidifying their strengths.

⇒ Customizable learning plans
⇒ Personalized attentions
⇒ Receive critical feedback and study tips
⇒ Students learning from the comfort of their home
⇒ Students learning at their own pace
⇒ Students are encouraged to ask questions without the presence of peer pressure

Group Tutoring:
The group tutoring program is a great alternative and cost effective method for students to develop and strengthen their study skills. Specifically, students are able to strengthen their communication skills and problem solving skills while working in a group stetting. In this program, not only do students receive support and guidance from other students, but they also strengthen their understanding through comments and questions asked during the sessions.

⇒ Cost effective
⇒ Fun and interactive environment
⇒ Observe different learning styles
⇒ Strengthen communication skills
⇒ Ability to work effectively with others

Crash Courses:
Our comprehensive review sessions are best for students who are preparing for unit and or final exams. In these programs group of students are able to work as a team with expert instructors to ensure complete understanding of the subject. In these programs each student will receive a comprehensive booklet highlighting key concepts of the course in order to ensure maximized exam score.

⇒ A comprehensive booklet tailored to the subject in need
⇒ A variety of exam questions with detailed solutions
⇒ Fun and interactive environment where students will work as a group to understand important concepts
⇒ Improve and develop new study skills
⇒ Fill in learning gaps